About Us

HackM industrial Services Ltd is an Irish based company set up to help meet the demand for highly skilled and experienced trades personnel working within the petrochemical industry and Energy sector as a whole.

Our client’s growth and reputation are paramount, their willingness to risk this on our promise to provide the best personnel required to meet their needs is not taken lightly. We do everything we can to ensure the best service is given.

HackM is committed to the growth and wellbeing of those we employ, personnel on postings abroad are away from their families and this helps ensure they are happy in their work and that our clients are provided with excellent service that we expect, and they deserve.

Where we operate

We have done extensive work throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, along with projects running in other countries such as Norway, Northern Ireland, mainland UK and our country of residence the Republic of Ireland.

We continue to provide our services to clients in the above-mentioned countries and are open to new opportunities elsewhere should they arise.


HackM understands that some of the greatest talent this industry is yet to see needs be discovered and developed, often the door isn’t open to individuals who’d love the chance to enter this challenging field of work and we’d like to change this!

Those deemed the best in our industry once started out their careers with only a willingness to succeed and become more, the chance to gain experience and prove themselves was given by companies who could create opportunities for these would be beginners.

The best in the future will come from taking that same chance on today’s willing individuals who need this opportunity granted to them, we with our client’s help would like to be this opportunity!